about me

Hi there! Welcome to my blog; your go-to advice from my favorite brands to helpful tips and tricks. I've always been passionate about my style and sharing my life on my social media. For me, fashion is all about finding great deals that are affordable yet trendy. When I started my blog in March 2018 I never could have imagined how much I would love blogging! My goal in creating a blog was so I could share my thoughts and ideas with those around me. In doing so, my wish is to inspire individuals who see and read my content! This will be my outlet for creative inspiration for those looking to stay up to date on all things fashion, lifestyle, travel, and beauty. If you're new to my blog or following me on social media, here are some facts about me!

How old are you?

- 23


Where are you from?

- I was born in Jacksonville, Florida. I lived there for a portion of my childhood and I lived in Maine for the past twelve years. I now live in Boston, MA.


What did yo go to school for?

- I attended the University of Maine & majored in psychology with a minor in sociology. I have always been fascinated with psychology and since I was a child I wanted to work with helping others.


Favorite food?

- Tacos, burgers and anything Italian! 

What makes you happy?

- Being around my friends and traveling are the top two things that give me happiness. I'm always surrounded by good company. 

- Finding good deals on practically anything haha!


What are some top places you want to travel to in the U.S. and international?

- Arizona, Nashville and California

- Australia, Bali, Hawaii and Malta


Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and getting to know me,

Xx Christina