All Things Coconut x Kopari

Updated: May 1, 2020

Okay so first off, if you know me, you know how obsessed I am with ANYTHING coconut. I stumbled upon this brand a few months ago and right off I fell in love. If you're new to this brand let me just tell you a few reasons why I love Kopari and why coconuts are the best.

Why I Love Kopari

• their skincare is powered by 100% organic coconut oil

• all of their products are free of toxins and made with the safest ingredients

• on their website they have tons of How-To videos on their products

• packaging is so adorable

What's so great about coconut oil? So many uses!

Coconut oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal, contains healthy fats, and it's moisturizing.

Cooking Benefits

• use it as a spread (like on toast, YUM)

• use it as a non-stick alternative to grease a pan

• put it in your smoothies (adds healthy fats to your diet)

Health & Beauty Benefits

• adds healthy cholesterol to your body

• contains Vitamin E that promotes anti-aging

• acts as a natural skin moisturizer

• use it in your hair as a mask or natural hair conditioner to promote hair growth (lots of proteins in coconut oil that are beneficial for your hair)

• use it to take off your makeup

• gentle face wash

• use as a lip balm to heal cracked lips, also can be used to fight off cold sores

• use as a acne treatment (kills of acne-causing bacteria and moisturizes to reduce scars)

• natural deodorant

• natural shaving cream

• coconut oil pulling (it detoxifies your mouth/kills bacteria)

• the lauric acid in coconut oil helps to kill harmful bacteria and viruses, use it on wounds, rashes and burns to free from infection

• clean your makeup brushes with coconut oil as they can contain lots of makeup buildup and bacteria

So what products does Kopari sell that can help you access these benefits?

Organic Coconut Melt

It's uses: hair mask, body moisturizer, makeup remover, dry shave oil, belly balm to reduce stretch marks, use under eyes to reduce darkness, and you can add it into your bath as well!

Coconut Rose Toner

It's benefits: contains witch hazel to fight blemishes, rose & lavender extracts to reduce redness & appearance of pores and calms skin. I love to use this toner to set my makeup or give my a mid-day refresh!

Coconut Cleansing Oil

It's benefits: "Oil dissolves Oil: Antibacterial oils break down impurities to unclog pores without stripping skin of it's natural moisture..restorative antioxidants brighten complexion and promote a more even skin tone" This is the perfect cleanser to remove makeup!

Coconut Face Cream

It's benefits: Sunflower and coconut oil help to hydrate your skin and lock in moisture. This face cream is the BEST! I have been using it for a few weeks and love the results. My skin is super moisturized and smells of yummy coconuts. Also what's really neat about this face cream is that it turns into a rich cream in cool temperatures and into a lightweight moisturizer in warmer temperatures.

Coconut Lip Glossy

It's benefits: Helps to heal dry lips and smells like coconuts. This gloss is clear and perfect for a summer chapsticks!

Kopari x Coconut Compliments

Okay! Now that I have preached my love for coconuts... I want to talk to you about Kopari's #COCONUTCOMPLIMENTS campaign. We all have been guilty of dodging and reflecting compliments others give us. For some reason we feel awkward accepting the good things people say about us.. However, Kopari wants us to learn to accept the compliments we get and pass it on! Next time you see a girl who is wearing a cute outfit or her makeup looks good, let her know! Or leave someone a thoughtful comment on their social media to lighten their day! I think it's so important that we spread positivity and encouraging one another.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post,

xx Christina