Beauty Haul x Formula 10.0.6 + Not Your Mothers

Updated: May 1, 2020

I recently received some amazing products from Not Your Mother's & Formula 10.0.6. and I wanted to share my thoughts on these two brands. Not Your Mother's is a haircare brand whose focus is providing high-quality items at affordable prices. Formula 10.0.6. has skincare products that are great for troublesome skin, leaving your face feeling fresh and clear. Let’s dive in!

At first glance what I really love about this company is how adorable the packaging is. They use bright colors & make it super easy to see what you're using by putting the ingredients and what the product does right on the front label.

Formula 10.0.6 Products I Loved

Draw It All Out Peel Mask Before buying a few of Formula 10.0.6's peel masks a few weeks ago, the only peel mask I had was a $34 charcoal mask from Sephora I got over a year ago. This mask is about a third of the price and does the job just as well. It also was a lot easier to take off and less painful than my other charcoal mask. The charcoal & plum works to draw out impurities while gently exfoliating when you peel it off!

Sea Side Glow Peel Mask The first thing I really liked about this mask was how good it smelled. It has a "fresh" smell that coincides with the name. Formulated with algae and sea clay, the algae adds moisture to your skin while the clay minimizes appearance of pores. I noticed I didn't have to use as much moisturizer after this mask which was nice.

Quick advice on peel masks: I only like to use a peel mask every other week as they can remove too much of my skins natural oils that are vital for keeping it hydrated. I use peel masks for the purpose of removing dead skin. Peel masks aren't the most efficient at removing blackheads or whiteheads even though a lot of people will use them solely for that reason. This is due to the fact they only "peel off" that top layer of acne while the remaining is left still in your pores. Before using any mask, quickly rinse your face with warm water to get your pores to open. After taking off the mask, rinse with cool water to close your pores.

Total Take Away Bubble Mask

I have never used a bubble mask before and if you watched my Instagram story you saw I was so excited to try this facial. This mask is unlike any I have ever used before. Ten seconds after applying to your face it starts to bubble as the mask oxidizes. You can hear the bubbles forming on your face, it feels so cool! The oxygen-filled clay bubbles lift away impurities while Black Tea nourishes your skin. If you haven't had the chance to try out this type of mask, this one is perfect!

Wipe Your Face Off Make-Up Removing Wipes

I'm so impressed with these wipes! I have been using BurtsBee's make-up remover wipes for years and I'll definitely be making the switch. What I love about these pink grapefruit and apple make-up wipes is they didn't leave my face feeling dry afterwards. My face felt fresh and clean. Typically with my other make-up remover wipes I rinse my face off after but these I didn't feel like I needed to.

One Smooth Operator Face Scrub

I love, love, love this scrub, also the fact that it's pink is so fun. The oatmeal and zinc in this scrub buffs away dead skin and controls oil to reduce shine. So I'm going to get real about why this product is amazing. Whenever you're looking for a face scrub make sure you avoid products that contain "microbeads." These are man-made tiny plastic particles some brands put in their face scrubs or toothpastes. These tiny plastics end up in lakes, oceans and rivers and have such a negative impact on our environment. These are really bad for marine and aquatic animals as it builds up in their bodies. This exfoliating scrub contains pumice micro-particles to help lift off dead skin, pumice is a type of rock so it's a natural alternative to mircobeads! When shopping for exfoliators look for products that have sugar, salt, coffee or even ground up coconut husk/shell. Thankfully, in 2015 President Obama signed the Mircobead-Free Waters Act in 2015 which fades out production of rinse-off cosmetics that contain plastic microbeads beginning at the start of this year. (Here's a coconut body scrub I use that uses ground up coconut shells, it's on sale too!)

Thirst No More Moisturizer

I was really impressed with this moisturizer. I loved how lightweight it was and it didn't cause my face to get oily one bit! This product contains watermelon, lentil and apple extract to give your skin a boost of hydration. For only $9 this moisturizer is pretty amazing. I'll be taking this to Jamaica, it's under 2oz so it's perfect for travel.

Not Your Mother's Products I Loved

Beach Babe Butter Masque Alright, so this hair masque works wonders on my hair! Infused with pearl protein and coconut water, it smells sooo good. I'm a major fan of coconut so right off I was loving this masque. This product helps to seal slit ends, detangles and nourishes your hair. This works extremely well for only being $7!

Royal Honey & Kalahari Desert Melon Leave-In Conditioner

If you're familiar with my blog, you know I have hair that tangles very easily. I sprayed this in my hair when I got out of the shower and it made brushing a lot more manageable. This products is part of their "Naturals" line. Free of parabens, sulfates, silicones and dyes, this leave-in helps reconstruct damaged hair while leaving it smooth. I recommend spraying any kind of leave-in or detangle products away from roots as this leaves makes it easier for hair to get oily. I would recommend this product if you're in need of a leave-in product for a great price ($9).

Blonde Moment Treatment Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave-In

Purple shampoo & conditioner are a must-have if you have bright blonde hair, or highlights. Its purpose is to neutralize brassiness/yellow hues in your hair that are on the opposite side of the color wheel from purple. Pick a shampoo that is violet/dark purple for the best results. I use purple shampoo at least once a week. To ensure the product is in long enough, I'll wash through once and then wash for a second time letting it sit for at least five minutes. Just be careful not to use it too much or let it sit for too long as it can give your hair a lilac tint. This purple shampoo & conditioner duo worked better than the previous one I was using (it was also a lot cheaper) at $16 for the both the shampoo & conditioner! The third step in their Blonde Moment collection is their leave-in that enhances your blonde tones even further while conditioning. I had never used or seen a leave-in product tinted purple for blondes. I'm excited to take a step further in keeping my hair a brighter blonde. This leave-in is $8!

Ulta is currently having a sale on Formula 10.0.6 & Not Your Mother's products BOGO 50% off making them even more inexpensive! I hope you guys enjoyed learning about some of my favorite products from these two brands.

Christina ♡