Daily Skincare, Makeup + Hair Products

Updated: May 1, 2020


The first step to a clear, acne-free completion is taking care of your skin. For the past two years Clinque has been my go-to moisturizer. I have sensitive skin and this lotion has just the right amount of moisture with out making my face oily. However, I've recently switched to a moisturizer by Formula 10.0.6 called Thirst No More. I have been obsessed with it, it smells so good. It's lightweight but gives just the right amount of moisture. I would recommend both but the moisturizer from Formula 10.0.6 is less expensive and works just as well! The Kopari Rose Toner is a must-have. It keeps your skin hydrated and helps to minimize the appearance of pores. I shop for products that won't dry out my skin and it's always a plus when they're natural. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash is amazing for fighting off acne, minimizing pores and keeps your skin clear. I would recommend all of their Tea Tree products. Their Pore Minimizer is great to use after putting on face moisturizer. Another face wash I love is the Purity Facial Cleanser! The key to success with your skincare products is establishing a daily routine. I wash my face in the morning and before bed. I always follow washing my face with moisturizer so my skin stays hydrated.


When it comes to makeup, I choose a "natural" look. I stick to neutral shades, subtle blush, bronzer and highlight, light mascara and a rosy lip. Depending how much coverage I want, I'll used the Hello Flawless Foundation (which is buildable) for light coverage. I also use the MAC Studio Fix or iTCosmetics CC cream for a heavier coverage. I love how long all of these products last. I've been using the Hello Flawless Foundation for years and usually only have to purchase it 2-3 times during a year. I apply my foundation and concealer with a wet beautyblender or my Michael Todds Sonic Blend Brush. The Sonic Blend Blush is amazing! It makes your makeup look flawless. I've found that Maybelliene's Dream Matte Mousse works really well to cover up problem areas such as bags under your eyes and acne. After applying foundation and concealer, I contour the bottom of my cheekbone and on the outer line of my forehead. I highlight the top of my cheekbone and up toward my temple then finish with blush on the inner part of my cheek. Benefit Cosmetics has the best blush. I use either the Sugarbomb or the Coralista. I only use Naked Palettes for shadow and pair it with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. This primer ensures your shadow stays in place throughout the day. I use more than one mascara when applying my makeup. I like to use a mascara that defines my lashes along with a mascara that adds volume.


I am very passionate about my hair and keeping it healthy. I have always had long hair that tangles and gets oil buildup easily. It took me a long time to find products that work well with my needs. My all time favorite shampoo and conditioner is the Biolage ColorLast. Not only do they smell amazing but they help preserve your color if you dye your hair. This conditioner in particular keeps my hair moisturized without getting oily and helps to detangle my hair while washing. Once a week I will use the LUSH Big Shampoo which adds volume to your hair. The sea salt in this shampoo helps to de-grease hair and remove dead skin cells. I love LUSH brand because everything they make is natural and you know you aren't putting harsh ingredients in your hair. A few times a month I will use a deep conditioner, primarily on my ends to give my hair extra strength. Not Your Mother's is perfect. Their Beach Babe Butter Masque smells so amazing and you only need to use it on your hair for a few minutes to feel/see the results! After showering I spray It's A 10 Leave-In throughout my hair and it is a life saver. Paired with the Lemon Drop Detangling Brush, these two products make it so much easier to brush tangled hair. For my hair dryer I use the T3 Mirco Compact Dryer. I was so impressed how well this travel-sized dryer works! It dries my hair in about half the time it usually would take and I really like how lightweight it is. I recently tried the brand DesignMeHair. The two products I love from their line are PuffMe and DryMe. The PuffMe adds tons volume to your hair, if you only want light volume they have a PuffMe Light. I add the Power DryMe to my damp hair and it cuts the time it takes to dry my hair in half. I have never used a product to quicken drying time but I have to say I'm extremely satisfied with the Power DryMe. DryBar has also become one of my favorite brands for haircare products. If you're looking for high-quality products this brand won't fail you! It took me a long time to find a round brush that worked well with my hair. I was so excited when I tried their round brush. It's like a curling iron inside of a brush that helps you achieve a perfect blowout. I'm a huge fan of their dry shampoo as well, it's become one of my top used products. What I love most about their dry shampoo is that it leaves my hair super soft and makes it smell so good! Because I have blonde hair I have to maintain my blonde by using purple shampoo. The Blonde Moment Shampoo & Conditioner from Not Your Mothers works so well.