The Best Brand For Jeans

Updated: May 1, 2020

I constantly have a hard time shopping for jeans. If you have a smaller waist compared to your hips/bum, finding jeans that fit in all the right places can be a struggle. Don't fret. After trial and error, shopping at different stores, I've found that the best jeans for my shape and size are jeans that have stretch to them. Abercrombie has always been a brand I shop at, it took me awhile to figure out this brand of jeans works best for my body type.

The Simone High Rise

My favorite style is the Simone high-rise. It's their most popular high-rise jean as its key feature is its figure-defining style. If you're like me, when I find a good pair of jean that fits right I tend to get multiple pairs in different washes and styles. Only a few of my jeans are from different clothing companies.

Their jeans are typically priced around $88, but I always buy them when they go on sale. Abercrombie is a brand that frequently has sales, amen. One of their most frequent sale is 50% of jeans. I have found a lot of their jeans in the "sale" section online, I've bought pairs for as low as $15-$20! However, I don't mind spending $40-$60 on their jeans because they are all made of such good quality. I have a few pairs that I've had for over two years and they still fit perfectly and look almost brand new.

Quick tips when buying jeans:

• If you find a pair that fits well, buy two maybe three!!

• When looking at length (short, regular and long) use this to your advantage. If you want jeans that fit high above the ankle, consider getting the jeans in the short size. If you want to cuff your jeans without having the cuff sit too high, consider the long size. 

• When shopping online, look at the material of the jeans. Typically those with stretch will contain the fabrics polyester, spandex and elastane. 

• If your nervous about sizing, most online sites have product details that might prompt you to size up or size down. I typically size up if I'm trying a new style of jeans and if they are slightly big I shrink them in the dryer. .